March 11, 2013

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LOL sadly it’s never beyond the realm of possibility for his pantlessness to be just DB between takes and not an intentional move by Booth. Gold star to you if this is the same episode!

Hee. IKR! That is the crazy part. We don’t even know if it’s DB or Booth! Damn DB for loving to walk around pantsless. He does even do car scenes kind of like that (altho he wears shorts then…as per Emily’s comment). But this may indeed as well be DB just idling between takes, and took off his pants. Definitely not beyond him. But with Ian’s comment of being ready… It may as well be in the episode. I *am* pretty sure (99%) this pic was taking while they were filming 8x19 (#815). But we won’t know if this moment was purposely put on picture as a hint for the ep, or if this is just DB hanging around. No pun intended. LOL

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